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Glacio 55 Air Cooler

This summer, let the coolness prevail throughout your home. You can make this possible with a high-end cooling machine.

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  • 55L Tank Capacity
  • Woodwool Pads

  • 5000 m3/h Air Delivery
  • Inverter Compatible
Colour: White and Grey
  • High Air Delivery 3400 m3/hr
  • Heavy Air Throw 14/45 mtr./ft
  • Wood Wool Pads
  • Wheels for Mobility
  • Indoor and Outdoor Usage

Glacio 55 is a cutting-edge air cooler that comes with 55L anti-bacterial tank, strong air throw, ice chamber, shock-proof body, and various other features.

  • Huge Water Tank

    The tank capacity of 55L allows you to chill in summer without any worries of refilling the tank more often than not. Along with cooling, it also brings convenience to your life.

  • Air Delivery And Air Throw

    The air delivery of 5000m3/h and the air throw of 50 ft make the cooling very dynamic and extensive. They help you channel the air into the distant corners of your home and help you enjoy thorough airflow.

  • Cooling Technology

    The woodwool pads make evaporative cooling very effective. They turn hot winds into cool waves with intricate netting that comprises fibrous wooden shavings.

  • Ice Chamber

    The ice chamber enables you to expedite the cooling and gives out a frosty effect that you can enjoy endlessly. This feature makes your summer more bearable and easier with enhanced cooling.

  • Air Deflection

    The 4-way air deflection gives you the ability to cool down your space with wide coverage. The horizontal and vertical louvers allow you to fine-tune the airflow depending on your needs.

  • Anti-Bacterial Tank

    The anti-bacterial tank keeps the water clean and helps you live a healthier life. This feature adds more usability to the cooler because it keeps various harmful germs at bay.

  • Room Size

    Glacio55 covers an area of 750 sq. ft and cools down a great expanse in your home effortlessly. With this capability, you are able to channelize the air to the farthest corners.

  • Castor Wheels

    The castor wheels make the cooler mobile and allow you to take the appliance anywhere you want. It is especially very useful when you have a huge home and need to move the cooler frequently.

Type Desert
Voltage 230V AC 50hz
Power Consumption 200 Watts
RPM 1400
Blower Fan Alu. Fan
Speed Control 3 Speed Levels
Louver Movement Horizontal Manual/
Vertical Motorised
Pump Type Submersible
Water Level Indicator Yes
Water Inlet From Front (Water Inlet Door),
Top (Ice Chamber) & Side Float Valve
Water Overflow Indicator Yes
Water Drainage Hole Yes
Switch Replacement Easy
Noise (db) Low
Net Weight (kg) approx 16
Gross Weight (kg) approx 20
Water Tank Capactity (L) 55
Blower/Fan Diameter (inch) 16
Air Delivery (m3/hr) 5000
Air Throw Distance (m/ft) 50 feet
Cooling Area (sq. ft.) 750
Product Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 602x450x1180
Carton Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 685x520x1245
Cooling Media Woodwool Pads
Aroma Chamber No
Ice Chamber Yes
Castors Yes
Mosquito Net No
Remote No
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Maharaja Whiteline agrees to maintain a limited period warranty of the products it manufactures. The warranty period of the appliance shall commence from the date of its purchase. Maharaja Whiteline Glacio 55 Air Cooler comes with 1 year warranty. For more information, click here:


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