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Glacio Prime 65 Air Cooler

A superb cooling experience that can make your summer ecstatic.

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  • 65L Tank Capacity
  • Woodwool Pads

  • 4800 m3/h Air Delivery
  • Inverter Compatible
Colour: White and Grey
  • Colour: White & Gray
  • Tank Capacity: 65 Litre
  • Anti Bacterial Tank
  • Hybrid Pads (Hybridcool) & Woodwool Pads (Glacio Prime)
  • Inverter Compatible
  • Dry Run Protected Submersible Pump
  • High Cooling Efficiency

Glacio Prime 65 redefines cooling and make it powerful. With plenty of amazing features the cooler has a sleek look that blends well with your modern room decor. Warranty of 2 years (1 year + 1 year extended warranty worth 899 on air cooler )

T&C Apply-Not applicable on products purchased online on any ecom platform.
-Extended Warranty is applicable only for Motor & Submersible Pump
- Applicable for Air Coolers models 60 Litres and above.

  • Huge Water Tank

    The 65L water tank does not only give cooling for a longer duration but also provides ample relief. It does away with the frequent re-fillings that made your summer painstaking earlier.

  • 2 years warranty:

    1 year +1 year extended warranty

  • Air Delivery And Air Throw

    The air delivery and air throw of 4800m3/hr and 43 ft respectively make the wind far-reaching and powerful. They enable you to feel the air in the remote corners of your room with equal intensity.

  • Cooling Technology

    The woodwool cooling pads are very effective when it comes to generating a large quantum of cooling. They do it with a complex web of wooden shavings that get soaked profusely making the winds colder.

  • Ice Chamber

    The ice chamber allows you to intensify the cooling process and makes the air chilled in very little time. It helps you cool the large room in a very short duration and keeps the frosty for long so you could beat the heat with ease.

  • Air Deflection

    The 4-way air deflection channelizes the air in every direction. The horizontal and vertical louvers allow you to direct the flow of the wind the way you want. You can ferry the air to a large number of people sitting in a scattered fashion.

  • Anti-Bacterial Tank

    The anti-bacterial tank lets you keep the harmful pathogens at bay and allows you to breathe clean air. It impedes the existence of vicious germs that could enter your body and cause many issues.

  • Room Size

    The ability to disperse the area through a room size of 753 sq. ft. makes this cooler a go-to option for summer. This capacity of cooling allows you to cast the air to the farthest corners.

  • Castor Wheels

    The castor wheels bring ease into the movements of the cooler and allow you to carry it to different locations effortlessly. With these means, you can take the appliance from one place to another with matchless ease to make your summer chiller.

Voltage 230V AC 50Hz
Power Consumption 180W
Mains cord (pin type, length (m) 3-pin, 1.5
RPM 1400
Blower/ Fan Plastic Fan
Speed Settings 3 Speed
Louver Movement Horizontal Manual Vertical Motorised
Pump Type Submersible
Water Level Indicator Yes
Water Inlet front(water Inlet Door) , Top(Ice Chamber)
Water Over Flow Yes
Water Draining Yes
Motor Mounting On Plastic Stand
Pad Replacement Easy
Motor Replacement Easy
Switch Replacement Easy
Noise (db) Low
Air Delivery (m3/h) MAx 4800
Air Throw (cm.)- @0.5 m/s 1310.64
Cooling Area (m2) 69.68
Cooling Media Wood Wool Pads
Net Weight (kg) 16.2
Gross Weight (kg) 20.8
Water Tank Capacity(L) 65
Blower/ Fan Diameter(cm) 40.64
Product Dimensions (LxWxH)cm 60.2 X 45 X 124.5
Carton Dimensions (LxWxH)cm 68.5 X 51 X 129
Aroma Chamber No
Ice Chamber Yes
Anti Mosquito No
Castors Yes
Mosquito Net cum Dust Filter No
Remote No
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Maharaja Whiteline agrees to maintain a limited period warranty of the products it manufactures. The warranty period of the appliance shall commence from the date of its purchase. Maharaja Whiteline Glacio Prime 65 Air Cooler comes with 1 year warranty. For more information, click here:


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