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Buy Breakfast Appliances Online to Make Your Mornings Super Healthy

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but is not easy to make in the morning when you’re running out of time. If you’re not a morning person, then breakfast appliances allow you to have a blissful and healthy morning every day. Smart technology has discovered to make your lives so much easier and turn your morning hours a little bit smoother. Whether you love to have coffee, tea, toast or sandwich in the breakfast, modern breakfast appliances will satisfy all your food cravings in the morning.

Discover the Smartest Range of Breakfast Appliances at Maharaja Whiteline

Sandwich Maker

There is nothing like a crispy toasted sandwich with melted cheese when you wish you enjoy lip-smacking breakfast meal. At Maharaja Whiteline, you’ll find amazing sandwich makers, toasters and grilled sandwich makers to make your morning easy-breezy and keeps you energetic for a day ahead.

Maharaja Whiteline Viva Sandwich Maker and Viva Dlx Sandwich Maker are the best machines for anyone who loves to have a quick snack in the morning. The quality non-stick coating and fixed large grill plates of our sandwich toaster help to toast the bread and its stuffing gently without sticking on the surface. Our grill sandwich maker is easy to wash and gives you delicious sandwiches with minimal fuss.


An electric kettle helps to heat the water instantly with the use of power. A kettle is the simplest kitchen appliance that brings water to boiling very smoothly. You can use a kettle machine to heat the water for tea as well as coffee. Some of the youngsters also use it to cook noodles and soups that takes no time. It is perfect to make your hostel life much more convenient.

Maharaja Whiteline Viva Kettle operates on 1200W that helps to warm the water or milk faster. The 1L capacity of our electric kettle machine enables to heat a maximum amount of beverages in on go. A transparent strip on its edges determines the right quantity of liquid being heated. The concealed element of our kettle makes it easy to use and easy to clean.

Pop-up Toaster

A pop-up toaster is the easiest kitchen appliance that is must-have for every modern household. You can simply have a crunchy toasted slices of bread with butter, jam or anything within minutes.

Maharaja Whiteline Viva Pop-up Toaster operates on 750W that gives you quick results every time. Our best pop-up toaster comes with six browning levels that help to get your bread toasted as per your needs. The crumb tray of our pop up toaster makes it easy to remove and easy to clean. The insulated parts of our toaster are safe to touch that adds more convenience to this kitchen breakfast appliance.

Buy Sandwich Maker, Electric Kettle and Pop-up Toaster Online at the Best Price Now!

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Maharaja Whiteline Breakfast Price
Perfeito - Breakfast Rs. 1,900
Perfeito Plus - Breakfast Rs. 1,900
Aprica - Breakfast Rs. 1,800
Viva Excel - Breakfast Rs. 1,799
Viva Sandwich Maker - Breakfast Rs. 1,725
Viva Plus - Breakfast Rs. 1,725

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