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Buy Water Heater Online to Take a Hot Bath Irrespective of the Weather

There is nothing magical than coming home after a hectic day and release stress with a hot bath or shower. You cannot even feel fresh without having a bath in the morning. Let’s face it, everyone is afraid of the first thought of taking a bath in chilling winters. But now you don’t need to panic. Bring home all the happiness and comfort with a water heater. It is not only useful for bathing but also helps to clean utensils with minimal effort. With the help of an electric water heater, you can enjoy a hot bath every day no matter what the weather is.

Discover the Wonderful Range of Water Heaters at Maharaja Whiteline

Maharaja Whiteline offers a wide variety of water heaters or geysers that goes absolutely perfect with your bathroom and home decor. Our water heaters demand low maintenance, easy to install, easy to use and keep the water warm for a longer period of time. Our heaters are packed with stunning features such as glass-lined coated inner tank, incoloy glass lined heating element, magnesium anode rod, 2 levels auto thermal cut, safety valve, smart water diffuser, tough rust proof ABS body, temperature control knob that ensures optimum results every time to use it.

Maharaja Whiteline Water Heater is the simplest and an effective way to heat water at home and even offices. Our water heaters has up to 25L storage capacity, consumes less energy and gives you unlimited hot water in less than 2 minutes. Our electric water heater are durable and lowers down your electricity bills. It comes with anti-rust body and provide instant supply of hot water.

We provide water heaters online at the best price that offers safety and protection while you enjoy a hot bath every day during chilling winters. Our water geysers are rich in quality and comes with an efficient heating technology that gives you warm water effortlessly.

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Maharaja Whiteline Water Heater Price
Aquis Neo 10 - Water Heater Rs. 9,699
Aquis Neo 15 - Water Heater Rs. 10,599
Aquis Neo 25 - Water Heater Rs. 11,999
Warmist Neo 10 - Water Heater Rs. 9,799
Warmist Neo 15 - Water Heater Rs. 10,999
Warmist Neo 25 - Water Heater Rs. 12,399
Fiesta Instant 3L - Water Heater Rs. 4,649

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