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Aquis Neo 15 Water Heater

Make the smart decision with the aquis neo 15L.

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  • 8 Bar Working Pressure
  • Rust & Shock Proof Metal Body

  • Smart Water Inlet Diffuser
  • Glass-lined Tank Coating
Colour: White and Black
  • Colour: White and Black
  • Element Rating: 2000W
  • Mounting Type: Vertical
  • Temperature Control Knob: Yes
  • Rated Capacity: 15L
  • Working Pressure: 8 Bar

The Maharaja Whiteline Aquis Neo 15L flaunts a balanced design with a large tank capacity & ingenious mechanism geared with an 8 bar working pressure facilitating water heating through low-rise & high-rise residences. Further featuring a smart water inlet diffuser, the heater delivers a quick, safe & efficient performance.

*Free Installation
  • 15L Tank Capacity:

    Designed to satisfy your water heating requirement safely & conveniently, the Maharaja Whiteline introduces Aquis Neo Water Heater with a 15 Liter Tank Capacity enough to appease all your day-to-day needs.

  • High-Grade Heating Element:

    To prevent scale formation, the device comes installed with a high-grade Incoloy glass-lined heating element elevating the built lending the design with the strength & robustness necessary for long-term use.

  • 8 Bar Working Pressure

    Manufactured to deliver optimum results in spite of challenging circumstances, the Aquis Neo is equipped with a powerful mechanism facilitating 8 bar working pressure. This fixture ensures the appliance enables competent water heating from low to high rise buildings.

  • Rust & Shockproof Metal Body:

    The Maharaja Whiteline Aquis Neo Water Heater is developed with high-quality material. This characteristic element lends the apparatus a shockproof framework with the ability to stand firm against corrosive environments.

  • Smart Water Inlet Diffuser:

    Installed with a smart water inlet diffuser, the Aquis Neo boasts the sensibility to minimize the mixing of hot & cold water, thus promoting fast & efficient water heating, upgrading the design up another notch.

  • Glass-Lined Tank Coating:

    Optimized to operate in rough conditions, the Maharaja Whiteline Aquis Neo is prepped with a glass-lined tank coating. This feature enhances the built of the tank, strengthens the perimeter against hard water settings, & increases the durability of the device.

  • Temperature Control Knob:

    The water heater streamlines its mechanism to deliver ease & control over the temperature conditions. This command is tackled with the help of a temperature control knob enabling you to lead the heating system as per the temperature desired.

  • Assured Warranty:

    The Maharaja Whiteline Aquis Neo comes with an assured 5 years Tank warranty and 3 years heating element warranty alongside an overall 2 years product warranty to make for an ultimate user-friendly experience.

Voltage 230 V
Wattage 2000W
Capacity 15 L
Weight 9.63 Kg
Contents Main Unit, MFV,2 Fastener
Working Pressure 8 Bar
Safety Rust & Shock Proof Metal Body
Water Diffuser Smart Water Inlet Diffuser
Tank Coating Glasslined Tank Coating
Temperature Control Control Knob
Tank Warranty 5 yrs
Heating Element Warranty 3 Yrs
Product Warranty 2 Yrs
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