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Ednis 15 Water Heater

Durability & Performance

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  • Class-1 Working Pressure. Suitable for Hi-rise buildings
  • High-grade Carbon Heating Element

  • Polymer Coated Tank
  • Smart Water Inlet Diffuser
Colour: White
  • 15L Storage Capacity
  • 8-bar working pressure
  • High-Grade Heating Element
  • Polymer Coated Tank
  • Smart Water Inlet Diffuser
  • 5 years Tank warranty

The Maharaja Whiteline Ednis Water Heater is sensibly developed to perform with high efficiency featuring a high-end design clubbed with its intelligent mechanism. Boasting polymer coating technology lining the inner tank.

  • 15L Tank Capacity:

    Built to fulfill your water heating requirements with proficiency & ease, the Maharaja Whiteline presents Ednis Water Heater with a 15 Liter Tank Capacity enough to fulfill your everyday water needs.

  • High-Grade Heating Element:

    Ednis is equipped with a powerful heating element with better thermal conductivity for efficient heating. This lends the water heater the necessary robustness needed for long-lasting efficiency to functioning.

  • Rust & Shock Proof Metal Body:

    The Maharaja Whiteline Ednis 15 Water Heater is developed with high-quality material. This characteristic element lends the apparatus a shockproof framework with the ability to stand firm against corrosive environments.

  • Smart Water Inlet Diffuser:

    Intelligently designed, the Ednis 15 Water Heater comes equipped with a smart water inlet diffuser. The fixture optimizes the water heating process by efficiently segregating hot water from cold water, promoting quicker heating while saving energy with efficiency.

  • Polymer Tank coating:

    The polymer coating gives excellent corrosion & oxidation resistance even in high temperatures and pressure. This feature enhances the built of the tank, & increases the durability of the device.

  • Assured Warranty:

    The Maharaja Whiteline Ednis comes with an assured 5 years Tank warranty and 3 years heating element warranty alongside an overall 2 years product warranty to make for an ultimate user-friendly experience.

  • Class-1 working pressure:

    The Maharaja Whiteline Cuatro is designed to facilitate an 8-bar working pressure. This enables the water heater to deliver optimum performance irrespective of the height of the residence, ensuring service in low-rise & high-rise buildings.

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