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Fiesta Instant 3L Water Heater

Pamper yourself with long warm baths with The Maharaja Whiteline Fiesta Instant 3L to end the day

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  • 6.5 Bar Working Pressure
  • Dual Tone Rust & Shock Proof Plastic Body

  • Smart Indicator
  • ISI Certification
Colour: White and Blue
  • Colour: White and Blue
  • Element Rating: 3000W
  • Mounting Type: Vertical
  • Dual-Tone Rust & Shockproof Plastic Body
  • Rated Capacity: 3L
  • 5 yrs Tank Warranty

The Maharaja Whiteline Fiesta Instant 3L promises a powerful performance driven with a 6.5 Bar working pressure functioning the water-heating to optimally serve all residence types. The body built boasts dual-tone rust & shockproof design to facilitate long-term use. Further ensuring a safe & convenient operation, the device comes geared with a smart indicator & guaranteed ISI Certification.

  • 3L Tank Capacity:

    The Maharaja Whiteline Fiesta Instant Water heater comes with a 3 Liter tank capacity to cater to all your general water heating requirements with seamless ease. Facilitating a convenient water volume, the water heater instigates instantaneous water heating for quick & efficient service.

  • Instant Heating High-Grade Heating Element:

    Optimizing the design to reduce scale formation and surviving hard water conditions, the water heater sports an instant heating high-grade copper heating element. This strengthens the built of the system to deliver long-term efficiency.

  • 6.5 Bar Working Pressure

    Developed with a smart mechanism, the water heater is furnished with a 6.5 bar working pressure. The machinery accommodates the power a water pressure facilitating it throughout, suitable to all types of residence.

  • Dual-Tone Rust & Shockproof Plastic Body:

    The Maharaja Whiteline Fiesta Instant is manufactured with dual-tone rust & shockproof design to make it durable & efficient for long-term use. The feature enables the framework to stay sturdy & stable in rough environments.

  • Smart Indicator:

    To resolve safety issues & deliver a user-friendly experience, the water heater is geared with a smart indicator informing the thermal status of the system to warn in case of too high temperatures to be safe with.

  • Multi-Layer Safety:

    The Maharaja Whiteline is constructed to hold a multi-layer safety structure when dealing directly with water-related operations, ensuring a secure function despite the conditions.

  • ISI Certified:

    Fiesta instant boasts a high standard of quality in terms of operation & convenience, certified by the Indian Standards Institute to guarantee a safe & efficient performance.

  • Assured Warranty:

    The Maharaja Whiteline Fiesta comes with an assured 5 years Tank warranty alongside an overall 2 years product warranty to make for an ultimate user-friendly experience.

Voltage 230 V
Wattage 3000W
Capacity 3L
Weight 2.35 Kg
Contents Main Unit,2 Fastener
Working Pressure 6.5 Bar
Safety Dual Tone Rust & Shock Proof Plastic Body, ISI certified
Water Diffuser N/A
Tank Coating Instant Heating Hi-Grade Copper Element
Temperature Control N/A
Tank Warranty 5 yrs
Heating Element Warranty 2 Yrs
Product Warranty 1 Yrs
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