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Room Heater

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  • 1000W - 3 Carbon Rods
  • Superior Carbon Rod Technology
  • Tip Over Safety Switch
  • Shock Proof Body
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Flare Evo


  • Blower for proper heat distribution
  • Multi-heat setting
  • Easy to Carry
  • Safety Features
  • 1 Year Warranty

Lava Carbon


  • 400W - 3 Carbon Rods
  • Superior Carbon Rod Technology
  • Safety Tip Over Protection Switch
  • Shock Proof Body
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  • 5200100983_4.jpg

Lava Carbon Neo


  • 400W - 3 Carbon Rods
  • Superior Carbon Rod Technology
  • Safety Tip Over Protection Switch
  • Shock Proof Body
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  • 5200000203_4.jpg

Lava Happiness


  • Triple heat power setting - 400W/800W/1200W
  • 3 Specially Processed Halogen Tubes for higher thermal efficiency
  • Safety Tip over protection switch
  • Oscillation for wider area coverage
  • Shockproof Body (with ISI mark), compact, portable and trendy design
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Flare 2000T Heat Convector


  • Dual heat power setting with Blower - 1000W/2000W Quartz Tubes
  • With Adjustable Thermostat settings
  • Auto cut-off feature for safety
  • Portable with easy to carry handle
  • Durable and sturdy metal body
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  • 5200101197_2.jpg

Lava Quartz


  • 1200W - 3 Carbon Rods
  • Multi-heat setting
  • Tip over safety switch
  • Shock Proof Body
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Quato Quartz Heater


  • Dual heat power setting - 400W/800W Quartz Tubes
  • Compact and efficient
  • Safety Tip over protection switch
  • Latest elegant and compact design

Nano Carbon


  • 500W Carbon Rod
  • Superior Carbon Rod Technology
  • Safety Tip Over Protection Switch
  • Shock Proof Body
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Nano Carbon Neo


  • 500W Carbon Rod
  • Superior Carbon Rod Technology
  • Safety Tip Over Protection Switch
  • Shock Proof Body

Buy Room Heater Online to Stay Warm in the Winter Season

Winters are the most awaited season without a doubt. Everyone loves you snuggle under the blanket and experience a cosy-day offs. There is nothing better than having a sip of coffee, reading your favourite book and arranging your winter’s special wardrobe. With all of this, you will surely need a home comfort appliance i.e. room heater that will keep your room warm and cosy in the winter season.

An electric room heater is a cost-effective way to win the battle of cold and bring warmth in the chilly days of winters. Room heaters are the best option to keep your room temperature comfortable. The best room heater is an effective home appliance that is specially designed with advanced technology to make your indoors warm and pleasant.

Explore the Modern Electric Room Heaters at Maharaja Whiteline

At Maharaja Whiteline, our electric room heater offers excellent heating capacity, energy efficiency, noiseless technology, safety and durability. Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater has a powerful heating technology that keeps your room warm for all day long during chilled winters. Our room heater comes with a thermostat technology that helps to cut off your power consumption and results in lower electricity bills.

Our room heater blower is convenient to use, lightweight and comes with an exclusive design that uplift the appearance of your room and even offices. Buy electric room heater online that assure high performance and comfortable home environment in the chilled season. Our room heater blowers are available in different sizes and varieties such as vecto heat convector, flare 2000T heat convector, lava, quato quartz heater, etc.

You can choose to buy any model of electric room heater online depending on your requirements. Our room heater comes with rich quality features that include up to 2000W power, heat settings, heat convector and blower function. A blanket is not just enough to bear the cold in winters, bring home an exclusive room heater that gives instant relief to you and your loved family in a warmer winter.

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Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater Price
Omiflux - Room Heater Rs. 5,499
Flare Evo - Room Heater Rs. 4,499
Lava Carbon - Room Heater Rs. 3,999
Lava Carbon Neo - Room Heater Rs. 3,999
Lava Happiness - Room Heater Rs. 3,899
Flare 2000T Heat Convector - Room Heater Rs. 3,699
Lava Quartz - Room Heater Rs. 3,599
Quato Quartz Heater - Room Heater Rs. 1,849
Nano Carbon - Room Heater Rs. 1,499
Nano Carbon Neo - Room Heater Rs. 1,499

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