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Juicer Mixer Grinder

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Montero Dlx


  • Power: 550W
  • 30 Mins. Continous Grinding & Juicing*
  • 3 Jars - 1 Blending Jar – 1.5L with Lid and Lid Cap; 1 SS Grinder Jar – 700ml with Lid; 1 SS Chutney Jar with Lid - 400ml
  • Detachable Anti Drip Spout
  • 5200101006_1.jpg
  • 5200101006_2.jpg
  • 5200101006_3.jpg
  • 5200101006_4.jpg

Odacio Plus - 550w


  • 550W Motor
  • 3 Jars
  • Detachable Anti Drip Spout
  • Superior Chrome Knob
  • 5200101187_1.jpg
  • 5200101187_2.jpg
  • 5200101187_3.jpg



  • Power: 550W
  • Superior Stainless Steel Juicer Mesh
  • Detachable Anti Drip Spout
  • 2 year product warranty & 5 year motor warranty
  • 5200101004_1.jpg
  • 5200101004_2.jpg
  • 5200101004_3.jpg
  • 5200101004_4.jpg
  • 5200101004_5.jpg

Odacio Prime


  • Power: 550W
  • 30 Mins. Continous Grinding & Juicing*
  • 3 Jars - Liquidizing Jar – 1.5L; SS Dry Grinding Jar – 700ml, SS Chutney Jar - 400 ml
  • Anti Splash Detachable Spout
  • 5200100959_1.jpg
  • 5200100959_2.jpg
  • 5200100959_3.jpg
  • 5200100959_4.jpg
  • 5200100959_5.jpg
  • 5200100959_6.jpg
  • 5200100959_7.jpg
  • 5200100959_8.jpg
  • 5200100959_9.jpg

Odacio DLX (550W)


  • Power: 550W
  • 30 Mins. Continous Grinding & Juicing*
  • 2 Jars - 1 Blending Jar – 1.5L with Lid and Lid Cap; 1 SS Grinder Jar – 700ml with Lid
  • Detachable Anti Drip Spout
  • 5200100995_1.jpg
  • 5200100995_2.jpg
  • 5200100995_3.jpg
  • 5200100995_4.jpg
  • 5200100995_5.jpg
  • 5200100995_6.jpg
  • 5200100995_7.jpg

Odacio Smart


  • Power: 450W
  • 30 Mins. Continous Grinding & Juicing*
  • Food Grade Safe Multi-Utility Jars
  • Detachable Anti Drip Spout
  • 5200101127_1.jpg
  • 5200101127_2.jpg
  • 5200101127_3.jpg
  • 5200101127_4.jpg

Gala Happiness


  • Power: 450W Motor
  • 30 Mins. Continous Grinding & Juicing*
  • 2 Jars - Blender Jar – 1.5L; SS Dry Grinding Jar – 700ml
  • Anti Splash Detachable Spout
  • 5200101151_1.jpg
  • 5200101151_2.jpg
  • 5200101151_3.jpg

Mark Deo


  • Power: 450W Motor
  • 30 Mins. Continous Grinding & Juicing*
  • Jars - 2 multi-utility jars
  • Dual side locking systemt
  • 5200101066_1.jpg
  • 5200101066_2.jpg
  • 5200101066_3.jpg
  • 5200101066_4.jpg

Mark 1


  • 450W
  • 30 mins continuous grinding & juicing*
  • SS 304 Sharp Blades & Food Grade Safe
  • Versatile Jars

Buy Juicer Mixer Grinder Online to Simplify Your Daily Life

Do you love to have fresh juices, milkshakes, smoothies and soups? It would be so wonderful if a single kitchen appliance could do all these jobs instantly with any hassle. Juicer mixer grinder is a must-have for every household to begin with a healthy lifestyle. Juicer mixer grinders are very useful to squeeze juice from fruits, prepare instant milkshakes and smoothies or grind homemade puree for curries. Our range of kitchen appliances will definitely make your everyday life so much simpler and healthier.

Explore Juicer Mixer Grinders Online at Maharaja Whiteline

Maharaja Whiteline Juicer Mixer Grinder gives you convenience for amazing grinding and juicing. Juicer mixer grinders are the new innovation of mixer grinder to make your food more delicious and nutritious. We have the best juicer mixer grinder in India is effective for all kitchen grinding needs as well as preparing juices with minimal effort.

We have a collection of juicer mixer grinder models such as Odacio DLX (550W), Montero Dlx, Easylock Dlx, Ultimate Red Treasure, Desire Red Treasure, Odacio 500, Odacio 500 Plus and Real Happiness. With up to 550W Motor Power and tough jars, our best juicer mixer grinder gives higher performance and is good for heavy duty grinding purposes. Whether you want to grind vegetables, spices, etc. or want to make fresh juices and milkshakes to beat the summer heat, you can get it all covered with a single appliance i.e., juicer mixer grinder.

You can get our juicer mixer grinder online to extract juice from carrots, apples, beetroot, hard vegetable and fruits. When it comes to cleaning, you can simply remove the attachments of our multi-purpose juicer mixer grinder and clean it easily. Our best juicer mixer grinder gives you a chance to try out different healthy juices at home every day. Get a high-performance juicer mixer grinder at the lowest price!

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