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Nano Carbon Neo Room Heater

Relish in the comfort of warmth with The Maharaja Whiteline Nano Carbon Neo Room Heater.

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  • 500 Wattage
  • Superior Carbon Rod Technology

  • Low Glare
  • Healthy Heating
  • Colour: Black
    • Colour: Black
    • Power: 500W
    • Carbon Rod
    • Product Warranty: 1 Year
    • 500 Wattage:

      The Nano Carbon Neo is fueled with a 500-watt power system. The mechanism delivers an effective heating potential and thus a robust performance, all the while being energy efficient & earth-conscious.

    • Superior Carbon Rod Technology & Healthy Heating:

      Geared with a carbon rod, the room heater facilitates a healthy heating technology far advanced than conventional room heaters. The heating system emits thermal energy with a soothing efficiency beneficial for a comforting experience.

    • Low Glare, High Comfort:

      The Nano Carbon Neo is developed to service a user-friendly experience. Thus, the room heater is optimized to facilitate a low-glare ambiance easy on the eyes, even at maximum heating potential, enveloping the room in a cozy & comforting atmosphere.

    • Shock-Proof Body:

      The Nano Carbon Neo is manufactured with a robust design boasting a high-grade body construct. The system is thoughtfully optimized to ensure safety & prevent electrical hazards. This grants the appliance the liberty to be used around friends or family.

    • Tip-Over Safety Switch:

      The Maharaja Nano Carbon Neo Room Heater sports a tip-over safety switch. This feature is designed as a preventive measure to avoid dangers & facilitate a safe & secure functioning. Therefore, the room heater automatically turns off if it accidentally falls down or is placed on uneven surfaces.

    • 1 Year Warranty:

      The Maharaja Whiteline Nano Carbon Neo comes with a 1 year Warranty period to deliver promising customer service & a user-friendly experience.

    Color Black
    Power 500W
    Heating Element Type Carbon
    No. of Rods 1
    No. of Heat Settings 1
    Fan Speed Settings No
    Easy to Carry Handle No
    Oscillations No
    Oscillation Angle 0
    Fan Blower No
    Tip Over Switch Yes
    Adjustable Thermostat No
    Auto Cut Off No
    Warranty 1 year
    Key Benefits 500W High thermal, superior carbon rod technology for more heating efficiency and healthy heating.
    Ensures convinience, thanks to low glare feature. Safety switch ensures auto cut off if it accidentally falls down or is kept on uneven surface
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