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Fiesta Evo 3L Water Heater

Instantly warms water !Maharaja Whiteline Fiesta Evo Instant water heater 3L

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  • Elegant and compact design
  • High-grade SS tank For longer life

  • Multi layer safety
  • Warranty of 2 Years on Product & 5 Years on Tank
Colour: White
  • Colour: White
  • Element Rating: 3000W
  • Mounting Type: Wall
  • High-Grade Copper Element For Instant Heating
  • Capacity: 3L
  • 5 yrs Tank Warranty

Maharaj Whiteline brings to you an exclusive range of water heaters to ensure excellent heating during chilly winters. Durable and designed to assure active performance, the ergonomically designed water heaters are energy efficient, with multi layer safety designed for variable pressure upto 6.5 bars with 3L Tank Capacity

  • 3L Tank Capacity:

    This instant heating water heater with the capacity of 3L is brought to you to help you enjoy a warm bathing session in a single fill, even in hours of hurry.

  • 6.5 Bar Working Pressure:

    Designed to deliver a smart mechanism, the water heater is equipped with 6.5 bar working pressure. This strengthens the built of the system to deliver optimum efficiency, making it suitable to all types of residence..

  • High-Grade Copper Element For Instant Heating:

    The water heater sports an instant heating high-grade copper heating element that instigates instantaneous water heating for quick & efficient service. Moreover, the design is developed to reduce scale formation and surviving hard water conditions.

  • Long lasting efficiency:

    Engineered for maximum performance, the Maharaja Whiteline EZ HEAT Instant Water Heater warms the water with a high-grade instant heating copper element that also ensures long-lasting efficiency

  • Multi layer safety:

    The water heater is constructed to hold a multi-layer safety structure when dealing directly with water-related operations, ensuring a secure function..

  • Elegant & compact design:

    Built to fulfill your water heating requirements with proficiency & ease, the Fiesta Evo also possesses a smart and elegant design that suits your different bathroom interiors while not occupying much of your space.

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