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Perfeito Plus Breakfast

Crisp golden brown sandwich layers for a perfect breakfast!

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  • Powered with 750-watt quick heating
  • XL Toast Plate

  • Non-Stick Coating
  • Elegant Steel-Top Finish
Colour: Black & Silver
  • Colour: Black & Silver
  • 750-watt
  • Easy Lock
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • XL Toast Plates

    Delivery wide smiles with a happy breakfast, the Maharaja Whiteline Perfeito Plus Sandwich Maker is designed to perfection. It has XL Toast Plates that accommodate 2 bread sandwiches at a single go and allows for the crisp and sublime grilling of your bread.

  • 750-Watt High Powered

    The Maharaja Perfeito Plus works powerfully with 750 watts heating element to give you effing quick and crispy results each time. Thanks to its high power that toasts your bread in less than a couple of minutes.

  • Elegant Steel-Top Finish

    Along with adding efficiency to your kitchen tasks, the Maharaja Perfeito Plus adds a charm to your kitchen collection as well. It is designed with a high-class and elegant steel-top finish that adds a whole new dimension as compared to traditional toasters.

  • Non-Stick Coating

    Facilitating you with neat and clean surfaces of the toast plates even after toasting multiple sandwiches, the sandwich maker comes with a non-stick coating. The feature lets nothing stick to the surface and also endorse healthy cooking by reducing the use of oil.

  • Food Grade Safe

    At Maharaja, we believe in designing every product with excellent quality. This mixer grinder is not an exception and hence is designed with a food-grade safe body ensuring that the quality of your food is well-maintained.

  • Easy Lock

    Featuring a hassle-free experience for you, the Perfeito Plus Sandwich Maker is mechanized with a front lock. It is cool to touch and easy to hold even when the machine is getting operated. The handle along with the lock also lets you lift it easily.

  • Certified Plug

    A smart and structured plug attached to the Maharaja Perfeito Plus is more than just a wall accessory. It offers intricate delivery of electricity to the machine with a maximum voltage that it can hold.

  • Cooking Indicator

    The very innovative Perfeito Plus Sandwich Maker is equipped with two indicator lights. The red light brims when you start the machine and while the sandwich is getting toasted. Once done, the machine indicates it with the green signal.

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