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Features To Look For When Buying A Cooler For Home

By Maharaja Whiteline on 20 June, 2020 say-hello-cooler.jpg

After the delightful spring season, the heated weather of Summer knocks in and makes the people go all sweaty and the atmosphere humid. Forget enjoying the days, it gets hard to even work in such weather. No one can control the outer weather, but the temperature of a room can be controlled with the use of air-conditioning and cooling appliances. You shall prefer to buy an air cooler if you wish not to increase the expense of your shopping and electricity consumption.

However, there are multiple models and types of coolers that one can see in the market, but to buy the best air cooler for home, one has to look deep inside the characteristics of the cooler. If you are going to buy a cooler soon, you shall make note of the following features and look if the product you are going to invest in satiates the needs.

Size -

The weight and size of a cooler seek the attention on a primary basis. The buyer must ascertain the right size according to the space he has. If you have a small home and are looking for a petite cooler to be placed in the home, you shall consider buying Tower coolers as they take less area-wise space and work amazingly to cool the room in an instant. Personal coolers can be considered in the rooms which are not so small and have enough space to keep it without feeling congested. On the other hand, the Desert coolers and window coolers can be considered as a priority if the room is spacious and multiple people need the cool breeze.

Water Tank Capacity -

The advanced range of coolers are made in a manner that they can work with water and without it as well. However, in the absence of water in the tank of the cooler, the cooling process is not effective. Hence, it is necessary to pay heed to the capacity and size of the water tank of the cooler that you are about to buy. The coolers with a tank capacity of 65-70 litres can work overnight without any hindrance. However, if you are looking for a model that can work for a few hours without emptying the tank, you can buy tower coolers that have a capacity of around 22 - 55 litres. The latter models get filled rapidly and can effectively produce wind for multiple hours.

Air Delivery -

The main purpose of the cooler is to deliver the cool air to people and control the temperatures of the room, promptly. The air delivery speed of the cooler matters a lot as it indicates the area of coverage by the cooler. The heavyweight desert air coolers can deliver the air at the speed of 6000 m3/hour, at the maximum. If you have a capacious space where you want to put the cooler, then only go for this product. Otherwise, you have the options such as personal coolers that can deliver the air to the room at a moderate yet reasonable speed.

Additional Ice Chamber -

With the technologies getting advanced, the prestigious air cooler makers such as Maharaja Whiteline are adopting new features in the hefty range of the coolers they produce. An additional ice chamber can help in fighting against the scorching heat with a smart move. The ice chamber lets the user contain the ice cubes in the space and pass the cool breeze to the users in an instant. Some models of coolers do not have this additional feature that makes beating the heat rather easier. If you are buying a cooler, you shall look for a model that comes with this chamber without surpassing the budget of the buyer. The cooler online price rather shoots up with the increase in the number of features, thus, the buyer has to ascertain which features are important and shall be kept on the priority.

Cooling Media -

The pads that surround the body of the cooler were traditionally made with the woodwool that was rather comparatively less effective than its recently introduced substitute - Honeycomb pads. The cooling media has an eminent role in the working of the cooler as these pads soak the water and throw it out to make the room temperature cooler. You shall ask the seller party for the coolers with honeycomb pads for a better cooling experience in the dog days of summer. The Hybrid series of desert coolers have Honeycomb+ Woodwool pads for even a more comforting experience of using the cooler.

Mobility -

If you have a requirement of the cooler in such a way that it needs to be shifted from one place to another, shortly then you must buy a cooler which has wheels below. The wheels help in the comfortable movement of the cooler from one position to another without the requirement of putting much effort. Some of the desert coolers, tower coolers, and personal coolers offer this benefit and make the movements easier. However, if you want your cooler to be remotely placed at a fixed position, you can avoid this feature and give prominence to the other characteristics.

Maharaja Whiteline is a proud manufacturer of coolers and other home appliances that are made to provide extreme comfort to the buyers. They have an extensive range of coolers under the categories of Desert, Tower, Personal and Window coolers. Each of those has distinguished qualities and enticing characteristics. You can seek in-depth knowledge about the products served by visiting the respective webpages and reading the information shared. The pictures present on the website will also offer you an overall idea about the look of the cooler.

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