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Looking for an Air Cooler? Here are the Best Coolers in India

By Maharaja Whiteline on 25 May, 2020 air-cooler-blog1.jpg

The dog days of summer are hard to beat even when one is wearing the least amount of clothes. One needs to take the heed of cooling appliances such as Air-conditioners and Air coolers to make the summer tolerable. There are numerous Best Coolers available in the market that can help you to feel the cool breeze in scorching summers as well. Having said that, it is necessary to differentiate between the various kinds of coolers available to make the most sagacious purchase.

Here, we have mentioned the information about the varied types of air cooler in brief so that you can read about it and decide to buy the best accordingly.

Desert Cooler

Desert cooler is also known as an evaporative cooler or wet air cooler. It provides cool winds by evaporating off the water inside its tank. It can be used in wide spaces with a lot of people as this appliance has the ability to cool the capacious rooms in an instant. Some of its salient features are described as follows:

Intended for bigger areas -

Desert coolers are big enough to cool wide spaces at once and fill the room with a cool breeze and eradicate the humidity from the rooms.

Large water storage capacity -

The water retention rate of this cooler is seemingly larger than other kinds of coolers. Depending on the size and brand in which you invest, you can receive a cooler that has around 50 - 60 litre of water storage capacity.

Efficient in dry weather conditions -

In the dry weathers when the humidity and heat get out of control, there is a need for a cooling appliance that can instantly chase off the heat. The desert coolers are the ones that fit right into the above-made description.

Can be operated continuously for long hours -

With an efficient motor in the cooler, it can run for multiple hours without the need of taking a break.

Good for big offices, restaurants, etc. -

This cooler can be trusted to cool the wide spaces such as restaurants and cafes with great efficiency.

Personal Coolers

The personal coolers are less spacious and work very efficiently in smaller spaces. One can keep them in the cabins and rooms for winning over the unbearable heat of the summers. The impressive attributes of the coolers are mentioned below:

Comparatively small -

If one compares this cooler with the desert cooler, it can be seen as a smaller one, but in comparison with the tower coolers, these are bigger.

Easy movability with wheels -

Most of the cooler brands make these coolers attached with wheels so that they are easy to shift from one place to another.

Less energy consumption -

The skinflints could be happy with the purchase of this cooler as it consumes minimal energy in the working.

Low noise -

The noise made out of the cooler becomes the reason for headaches and irritation. But, this cooler makes less noise that is one of its superior qualities.

Good for smaller areas -

The small areas such as rooms and cabins can be benefitted with the use of this cooler.

Tower Coolers

The tower coolers are not just stylish, but also amazingly efficient. The wheels beneath the body make it mobile and easy to take from one place to another. Some of the characteristics that are making this appliance in major demand are as follows:

Superior air-delivery -

One shall not go on its slim body shape, instead trust the efficiency of this model to deliver air to the hooks and corner of the room.

Slim and Sleek -

The body of this cooler is slim and sleek that makes it an adorning instrument to be kept in the rooms and offices.

Portable -

With the wheels attached below, this cooler becomes easily portable from one end to another.

Small water tank -

The water tank of the cooler is comparatively smaller and the water inside of it will not splash out when it is being moved.

Low maintenance -

This appliance doesn’t require extra care and maintenance.

Window Coolers

As the name suggests, the window coolers are tantamount to window air-conditioners, placed outside the window with the face towards the room. The window coolers adorn some major features that can be briefly defined as follows:

Installed in a window -

This type of cooler is installed in a window and thus, takes the less space of the entire room, but cools the room with full efficiency.

Don’t occupy much room space -

As the body is placed outside the window, these coolers do not cover a lot of space.

Energy-efficient -

The energy consumption rate of the cooler is less, but the efficiency is high.

Large tank capacity -

The tank capacity of this cooler is large and can cool a room for hours without the requirement of refilling.

Suitable for small indoor spaces -

The small indoor spaces can benefit from this cooler.

Depending upon the size of the room you want to put the cooler in and the amount of money you wish to spend, you can make the best choice of the cooler that fits your needs. Best Brands such as Maharaja Whiteline have a versatile range of coolers that can fit varied budgets easily. The warranty that comes with this home appliance is enticing and pushes the customers to go for the best range of coolers instantly. The cost of air cooler served under this brand is considerable and thus, easy to purchase.

Your experience of air cooler online shopping can be eased up if you cherry-pick the best brands and consider making your purchase specifically from them only.

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