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Which juicer mixer machine is the best for Indian kitchens?

By Maharaja Whiteline on 14 November, 2018 which-juicer-mixer-machine-is-the-best-for-indian-kitchen.jpg

With the rising demand for immunity booster drinks nowadays, it becomes necessary to invest in a high-quality juicer mixer machine that serves the purpose of healthy drinks without consuming much of your time. A juicer mixer is responsible for delivering tasty and healthy juice content, grounded finely, to excrete the minimum wastage out.

In busy lifestyles, a good quality grinder not only saves time but keeps you healthy as well. There are thousands of international brands available in the market that offer a premium range of mixer grinders, but in this article, we will be discussing a well known Indian brand - Maharaja Whiteline, and see how the brand is best for providing flavours in the Indian kitchen. The time has come to support Indian brands that offer genuine services in this newly competitive market.

A juicer mixer grinder is a multipurpose machine for your kitchen that does not require any other appliances to make delicious smoothies, chutneys, or immunity herb drinks for you. Here, we are going to discuss an ideal mixie with juicer, in detail. This will help you decide which to pick from the limitless options in this corona season to boost your immunity.

Robust juicer mixer machine body

The body of the juicer has to be tough. The juicer mixer grinder comes with suction feet that absorb vibration generated during grinding. The high-quality vacuum feet avoid spillage of the content of the jar, during processing.

The body of the juicer must be compact and stylish at the same time. Modern kitchen favours efficient electric appliances that save time and energy of the person and allow them to enjoy the food with the family later on.

Food grade jars for healthy results

The immunity drinks is a blend of herbs and fruits that have certain vitamins that may react with the metal of the body of the juicer mixer machine. The jars of the mixie should be of food-grade quality to ensure absolutely no reaction with the ingredients. The high-quality food-grade material also makes the storage of the content convenient for longer periods avoiding the use of another container in between. Superior stainless finish steel juicer mesh and integrated juice carafe are again worth looking for in an ideal juicer mixer.

Some juicer mixer grinder comes with four jar options, while most of the standard brands provide three. The jars are available in three different volume options with easy lock cap to reduce the risk of spillage while making scrumptious smoothies and yum-yum chutneys for dosa.

Powerful motor

The motor is the source of efficiency for any machine. The mixie with juicer needs a high-power motor to deliver finely grounded ingredients and thinnest paste. Talking about one of the trusted brands of the Indian market, Maharaja Whiteline offers motor power options up to 550Watt. The motor allows 30 minutes of continuous grinding, with variable speed options.Make sure you maintain a gap in grinding, every 5 minutes, to avoid overheating of the machine.

Quality brands give motor warranty of approximately 5 years, one must check for detailed specifications before making the final purchase.

Easy controls

Cooking needs lots of work beforehand. Also, to keep check of salt, pepper and other spices already needs a lot of attention. In between, one cannot handle the complicated functioning of a mixer grinder, yes or no?

Colour opinion

Although the colour is not a significant factor when it comes to the proficiency of the machine, still, if you are investing your hard owned money, then it is your right to receive the best piece in every term. Bright colour options, like blue, red, royal black add a sense of style to the whole process.

Some General FAQs

1. How many watts are good for a mixer grinder?

Speed and watt of the machines is an important factor while buying any mixer grinder. No doubt, the higher the watt is, the higher is the efficiency. The ideal wattage should be between 500W to 1000W for Indian kitchens, if your family love coconut chutney say, and need heavy grinding, then opting for 1000W or near is recommended.

2. How do I choose a mixer with juicer for the home?

Look for the motor power first in coordination with the needs of your home, for small families of up to three, even 450watt works well, but for more than three people, it is better to go for higher options available. Maharaja Whiteline has a juicer mixer with the motor of up to 550W available.

After this, you can check for the no. of jars and functions available. How versatile the piece is again an important factor while selecting the juicer mixer grinder online.

4. Which Indian brand provides the most efficient juicer mixer grinder?

After the announcement of “vocal for local” campaign by the Government of India, the customer base is supporting Indian brands with more enthusiasm. Maharaja Whiteline is a well-known brand based in India. The brand is known for its quality product and versatility kitchen appliances that suit every Indian kitchen effectively.

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