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Best 5 Juice Recipes to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle!

By Maharaja Whiteline on 2 September, 2021 juice-extractor-banner-new.jpg

A healthy lifestyle comes from constant efforts and determination. One can always slip away into their comfort zone and lazy habits easily. Though following some factors that are beneficial for your health will lead to a positive approach. Now, what are the best ways to do so?

Let’s find out one by one!

  • Improve Your Sleep Schedule

    The current generation believes in bragging about how long they couldn’t sleep than others. While the fact remains that prioritizing your sleep cycle is very important for your well-being. 7-8 hours of sleep is essential for an adult. So, start with your sleep cycle.

  • Drink More Water

    Water is the most vital aspect of your life. Keeping yourself hydrated every day without fail is mandatory. The more you ensure to have a better lifestyle, the better. Apart from drinking water, you should also rely on juicing. We shall look into this further later.

  • Don’t Stop Exercising

    Exercising involves efforts, energy, and time. But no matter how small amount of effort you out. Providing better and convenient flexibility to your body should be your goal. You need to sweat in order to bring back that glow.

  • Avoid Negativity

    There could be people who stand as a negative barrier, or negative thoughts that keep hitting harder. But once you start investing your time in better things, the more you will know that life is more than those prickly thorns you experience. Believe in yourself and don’t wait a minute to eliminate distractions or disturbances.

Now, let us go through some of the best healthy juice recipes that can assist you to keep yourself in the best form. So, are you ready to dive deep into the same? Here we go!

  1. Healthy Green

    Green leafy vegetables are always considered to be healthy. And if you don’t like to eat them with your meal, relax! Because we have a juice recipe to turn them into a glass of pleasure.


    • Take 1 cup of spinach or kale, 1 cucumber, 1 lime by peeling it off, 1 tsp of leafy parsley, and 1 green apple.
    • Cut the leaves into smaller pieces.
    • And blend them altogether in the juicer mixer grinder.
    • Check its smooth consistency.
    • Once done, serve it with a piece of lemon on top of the glass.
  2. Boost Your Immunity!

    Building an impeccable immune system is the need of the hour. And when you can do it in quick steps, what are you waiting for? Check out the following methods for a homemade immunity booster.


    • Cut 1 large red beetroot into small pieces.
    • Now, take a jar and add 1 small piece of clove, 1 small lemon, small ginger.
    • Cut a bundle of celery into fine pieces.
    • Now, add all the ingredients into one jar.
    • Sprinkle black pepper.
    • Now, blend it nicely in a mixer and juicer.
    • Avoid big lumps.
    • Serve and enjoy!
  3. Hour to Detox!

    Detoxing yourself is again a significant part. And for the detoxication to happen, you need to drink healthy. The following recipe will stand advantageous for you.


    • Take a handful of leafy parsley, 2 green apples, and 1 bundle of celery.
    • Slice them into small pieces.
    • Now, add them along with ½ fennel and 1 lemon into the juicer mixer grinder.
    • Mix and grind well.
    • Once the consistency becomes thinner, stop!
    • Serve it with a lemon on the side edge of the glass.
    • Enjoy!
  4. Energize Yourself!

    Every human despite different age groups requires one common thing to survive and live happily. And that is energy! So, now without wasting much time, let us look for an energy booster recipe.


    • Take a medium-sized beetroot and cut them into pieces.
    • Now, do the same with a small green apple and 350g carrots.
    • Replace them into the mixer and juicer with ½ a lime.
    • Juice them together.
    • Serve and experience a refreshing mood from the first sip itself.
  5. Hydrate Yourself!

    If water isn’t enough for you to hydrate yourself. We have another option for you. With the following recipe, you are never going to lack hydration.


    • Take 1 cucumber and cut them into pieces.
    • Now, add the pieces along with 1 lemon, 10-12 mint leaves, and small ginger into the juicer.
    • Juice them well enough to get a fine consistency.
    • Serve it with ice cubes.

All of these 5 recipes are worthy of consideration. And we would like to know your take on the same. (See you in the comment section)

So, now that we have gone through some amazing juicing recipes, what is stopping you to try it? Oh, wait! Do you lack a juicer mixer grinder? Well, that’s not a problem at all.

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Though the top 3 models you can look for are as follows:

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The juicer price is listed next to it for a better understanding as well. So, what are you waiting for? You are just one step away from a healthy source of juicing!

Happy Shopping!

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