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Ultramax Elite - Red Mixer Grinder

Transform cooking into art with The Maharaja Whiteline Ultramax Elite Mixer Grinder.


  • 800-Watt Powerful Motor
  • 22,000 RPM Speed

  • 30 mins continuous grinding*
  • 20% Supercooling
Colour: Red
  • Colour: Red
  • Power: 800W
  • 4 Jars
  • 5-In-1 Chutney Blades

The Maharaja Whiteline Ultramax Elite Mixer Grinder is developed with smart hardware and a powerful mechanism to deliver high-grade results. Sporting an 800-watt motor, the mixer grinder proves itself with a seamlessly smooth performance facilitated by jar flow breakers, super sharp, 5-in1 chutney blades, and a supercooling system.

*Considering 2 minutes of resting time after every 5 minutes operation at standard condition.
**Under standard conditions
  • 800-Watt Motor With 22,000 Rpm Speed:

    The Ultramax Elite is geared with an 800-watt powerful motor to deliver stellar performance results. The fixture facilitates 22,000 RPM motor speed enabling the mixer grinder to deliver quick and efficient results with ease.

  • 30 Minutes Continuous Grinding:

    With a smart mechanism, the mixer grinder boasts the capability to function for prolonged minutes with carefree proficiency. Featuring the 30 minutes continuous grinding function, the Ultramax Elite lends your recipes a delicious flavor, professional consistency, and luscious texture.

  • 20% Supercooling:

    Intelligently designed, the Ultramax Elite Mixer Grinder is resourced with a supercooling system. This feature ensures a secure and stable functioning of the machinery for longer durations with its 20% cooling effect preventing the appliance from overheating.

  • Vacuum Feet & Nylon 66 Couplers:

    The mixer grinder is optimized to perform with resilience to sustain longer usage. Furnished with vacuum footprints and nylon 66 couplers, the kitchenware confirms an extended life with a sturdy mixing-grinding experience.

  • 5-In-1 Chutney Blades:

    Tactfully manufactured, the jars come installed with 5-in1 chutney blades. The fixture is honed super-sharp to slice through the toughest ingredients and prepare smooth purees, chutneys, and ground spices with extreme ease.

  • 4 Versatile Jars:

    The Ultramax Elite is facilitated with 4 Versatile Jars of differing volumes to enable multi-function operation with ease and prowess. The 4 jar set consists of a 1.5L Blending Jar for juicing, 1.5L SS Liquidizing Jar, 1L Dry Grinding Jar for grinding Indian masalas, and 0.4L Chutney Grinding Jar.

  • Unique Jar Flow Breakers:

    The Jars are furnished with unique jar flow breakers to ensure a smooth and synchronized grinding-mixing operation and produce chunk-free results.

  • Food-Grade Safe:

    Quality makes for a pleasing experience. The Ultramax Elite measures up to food-grade safety material, affirming a healthy & reliable relationship with the kitchenware.

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