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Smart 1..2..3 Mixer Grinder

Unleash your inner chef and meander through the kitchen without breaking a sweat with The Maharaja Whiteline Smart 1..2..3.. Mixer Grinder.

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  • 500-Watt Powerful Motor
  • Unique Jar Flow Breakers

  • Air Ventilation System
  • 20,000 RPM Motor Speed
Colour: Blue & Silver
  • Colour: Blue & Silver
  • Power: 500W
  • Number of Jars: 2
  • Easy to use Knob: Yes
  • Air Ventilation System: Yes

The Maharaja Whiteline Smart 1..2..3 Mixer masterfully navigates through your kitchen workload with seamless ease driven by a 500-watt powerful motor wielding a 20,000 RPM speed. Sporting a sensible design with jar flow breakers & a smart air ventilation system.

  • 30 Minutes Continuous Grinding

    The Maharaja Whiteline Smart 1..2..3.. supports prolonged usage for 30 minutes consecutively, with its smart mechanism ensuring consistency in texture, and flavors.

  • 20,000 RPM Motor Speed

    The Maharaja Whiteline Smart 1..2..3.. sports a 500-watt powerful motor capable of delivering 20,000 RPM Motor Speed with efficiency, ensuring a seamless performance.

  • Versatile Jars

    Facilitated with 2 versatile jars of different capacities of 1L and 400ml, The Maharaja Whiteline Smart 1..2..3.. empowers you the liberty to pick as suited for your varying needs.

  • Durable Nylon 66 Coupler

    Built intelligently, The Maharaja Whiteline Smart 1..2..3.. equips nylon 66 couples with brass inserts for extended durability and better efficiency.

  • 5 in 1 Chutney Blades

    The Maharaja Whiteline Smart 1..2..3.. comes geared with super sharp, stainless steel 304 blades, to slice through the toughest of ingredients and ensure a smooth mixing-grinding experience.

  • Jar Flow Breakers

    The pots are optimized with jar flow breakers to ensure a synchronized movement of the ingredients within and produce a uniformly processed output.

  • Air Ventilation System

    Engineered to endure prolonged usage, the mechanism comes calculatingly furnished with an air ventilation system avoiding over-heating struggles..

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