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Infinimax HD Mixer Grinder

Stoke up your culinary spirit with the Maharaja Infinimax HD Mixer Grinder

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  • 1000 Watt
  • 5 Year Motor Warranty

  • 100% Copper Winding Motor
  • Food Grade Safe
Colour: Black and Silver
  • Colour: Black and Silver
  • Power: 1000 Watt
  • SS Jars
  • Product Warranty: 5 Years

With Infinimax HD Mixer Grinder, you become the aficionado in your kitchen. Decked with a 1000-watt copper-wound motor, SS 304 blades and an array of other features, this appliance allows you to get impeccable results no matter what you do. It enables you to do be audacious in your cooking while giving accuracy and flawless functionality for a long time.

*Considering 2 minutes of resting time after every 5 minutes operation at standard condition.
**Under standard conditions
  • 100% Copper Motor

    Copper winding makes the motor more reliable. It comes with a higher current-carrying capacity and repels galvanic corrosion too. Moreover, it delivers more durability and is easier to repair too.

  • 30 Mins Continuous Grinding & Juicing

    With this feature, you are able to make sure that the pastes and powders are done with finesse. You can ensure that every ingredient is processed with efficacy and you get the best results in one go.

  • Unique Jar Flow Breakers

    The flow breakers optimize the grinding process with a unique mechanism. They keep the ingredients in a mobile motion so they come in contact with the blades and give you great results always.

  • 22,000 RPM Motor

    The 22,000 RPM motor delivers great results in blending and mixing. It helps you crush the most rigid spices and ingredients with ease and efficacy so you could make powders and pastes effortlessly.

  • Mix& Grind SS 304 (5 in 1 Chutney) Blades

    The stainless steel 304 blades are the default choice for cookery tools. It is a chromium-nickel austenitic alloy steel that makes the end-product averse to corrosion and other contaminants. It gives you the best results in making chutneys.

  • Easy Jar Locking

    The jar locking system enables you to keep the lid inseparable from the body. Even when you run it at full speed the ingredient remains in the jar and you get a good grip while doing the blending.

  • Air Ventilation System

    The ventilation system makes certain that the food inside the jar does not overheat. It is very helpful when you want to make a gravy of sauteed vegetables or a powder of roasted spices.

  • Durable Nylon 66 Coupler

    The heavy-duty nylon couplers give you a great performance and make the usage absolutely easy. They keep the appliance functional so you don’t have to bother about its efficiency.

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