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Pick Out the Best Electric Water Heaters Online

By Maharaja Whiteline on 9 January, 2021 water-heaters-online.jpg

Slaughtering your drowsiness is a piece of cake if you have the right home comfort appliances that match your requirements. A hectic day can cause a lot of trouble in dealing with our other relations. Thus, it becomes important to drain away the stress and anxiety that build inside our minds.

Are you constantly wondering over draining out your tedious mood in the shower? Do you like to let go of the stress that is haunting you for since long? Won’t you like to breathe a sense of relief after a hectic day at work? 

The source of relief and joy is attainable once you take a soothing bath. Especially, it’s a cherry on top of your bath involves a warm stream of water. After an exhausting day, you tend to imagine yourself relaxing in a hot spring or taking up a massage. Though, the magical sense of relief can only be attained when you are living it inside your home. 

Home is the place you rely on when you are extremely wrecked with the responsibilities and duties. The secure environment of love and affection is what makes your rest of the day effective. And what is even a home if you do not have an electric water heater to charge back your energy while bathing?

A hot shower or warm bucket of bath can make the rest of the day spent in an active state of mind. The energy that you can achieve from a hot bath or shower is worth experiencing. The water geysers are an ideal aspect of the fact that can make you vibrant to face the other parts of your life. As we all know, work is just another phase of our life. 

The most important aspect that knocks to our mind whenever planning to buy an electronic appliance is the electricity bill that is about to heat up. There are various factors that can determine the best model that offers optimal energy consumption. The tips to ensure a low electricity bill are as follows:

  • Correct and control the thermostat setting on your geyser.
  • Try to avoid keeping the geysers on for a longer period.
  • Choose the best size of the model that suits your requirement.
  • Always prefer to buy a star-rated geyser.

To bring the best mood you need cost-effective models of water geysers. The models of the best electric water heater can be attained from the leading manufacturers of home comfort appliances. The best manufacturers will ensure a proper notion of bathing experience with optimum energy consumption. 

Maharaja Whiteline is one of the leading manufacturers of home comfort appliances who proffer a wide range of models. You can prefer to buy water heater online at any authentic online portal. The warm and sizzling droplets of water from the lavishing models of electric water heater will leave you in a blissful mood. 

The water heater pricelist is as follows:

Maharaja Whiteline Warmist 10 Rs. 7644.00
Maharaja Whiteline Warmist 15 Rs. 8307.00
Maharaja Whiteline Warmist 25 Rs. 9649.00

The above-mentioned water heater pricelist will assist you to bring the best one home without spending much time to find a suitable one. Though it is indeed important to note that the geyser price might see a change as per the new updates.

You can buy water heater online, any of the above-mentioned hassle-free on any e-commerce portal. The rich quality and effective model will present and complement your home décor as well. 

There are warranty credits for these models as well. You will get a 7-year warranty on the tank, 3 years warranty on the heating element, and 2 years warranty on the product. 

These models have a variety of features which makes it the right investment to go for. A few essentials of the models are as follows:

  • Demands low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Water stays hot for a long period

The features concerned of the electric water heater are as follows:

  • Glass-lined coated inner tank
  • Incoloy glass-lined heating element
  • Magnesium anode rod
  • 2 levels of auto thermal cut
  • Safety valve
  • Smart water diffuser
  • Tough rust proof ABS body
  • Temperature control knob

It is a proven scientific fact that bathing in a hot water tends to have various advantages of its to experience. The well-known facts of bathing in a hot water are as follows:

  • Releases muscle tension
  • Helps you achieve a sound sleep
  • To have cleaner and healthier skin
  • Moisturizes our skin
  • Improves blood circulation in the body
  • Reduces headaches
  • Heals you from body pain
  • Helps you feel better about yourself
  • Assists you to fall asleep faster
  • Lowers blood sugar

and so on.

These factors prove the benefits of taking a shower in hot water after a hectic day. Even if you still consider the geyser price expensive, you should remember that a water heater can be useful in the winter season as well as in the monsoon season. You will be able to fight the chilled water droplets with a touch of warmth and peace.

The water heater pricelist has chances of alterations as per the day you are looking for it. Thus, it is indeed advised to check the official website of Maharaja Whiteline and go through it before finalizing on one of them.

Even you shall see the difference once you buy water heater online and experience it by yourself. Thus, assist yourself to shift your stress into a positive aspect and bring the best version out of you. 

To know or explore more about the models of water heaters manufactured by Maharaja Whiteline, head over to the official product website and discover it by yourself.

Stay healthy with the right choice of bathing routine.

Happy Shopping!

Compare Our Water Heaters Here:

Specifications Warmist 10L Warmist 15L Warmist 25L
Voltage 230 V 230 V 230 V
Wattage 2000W 2000W 2000W
Capacity 10 L 15 L 25 L
Weight 6.28 Kg 8.4 Kg 10.92 Kg
Contents Main Unit Main Unit Main Unit
Working Pressure 8 Bar 8 Bar 8 Bar
Safety Rust & Shock Proof Body Rust & Shock Proof Body Rust & Shock Proof Body
Water Diffuser Smart Water Inlet Diffuser Smart Water Inlet Diffuser Smart Water Inlet Diffuser
Tank Coating Glasslined Tank Coating Glasslined Tank Coating Glasslined Tank Coating
Temperature Control Control Knob Control Knob Control Knob
Tank Warranty 7 Yrs 7 Yrs 7 Yrs
Heating Element Warranty 3 Yrs 3 Yrs 3 Yrs
Product Warranty 2 Yrs 2 Yrs 2 Yrs

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