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Best Geyser Water Heater in India 2020 with Price

By Maharaja Whiteline on 26 October, 2020 best-geyser-water-heater-in-india-2020-with-price_(1).jpg

Who doesn't love Warm mornings in winters? Imagine the winter mornings when you finish your hot cup of coffee and prepare to get up. As you leave the blanket, you realise how extreme the cold is.

The only companion in those chilling winters to let you go through the struggle of bathing is - the hot water. Water heaters play a significant role in the days of winters. Home chaos, bathing, cleaning, doing utensils, laundry, etc. everything you can imagine of is super chilled and using warm water not only motivates you to do the things further but saves you from getting cold at the same time.

Maharaja Whiteline introduces the affordable range of Geysers/Water Heater that is best suited for the coming winters.


The Warmist Series of best geyser water heaters:


The Warmist water heater by Maharaja Whiteline comes with 10L, 15L and 25L of water storagecapacity, which is the minimum requirement for the Indian bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Warmist 10 water heater

Warmist 10 water heater comes with the ten-litre storage capacity. It comes in blue and white colour. The electric geyser weight 6.28 kg with a working pressure of 8 bars on high rise buildings. This geyser water heater is suitable for kitchens.

Warmist 15 water heater

Warmist 15 water heater is a fifteen-litre storage capacity, suitable for bathrooms of small homes and significant kitchen requirements. This is the medium-range geyser water heater and mostly preferred by people with small families.

Warmist 25 water heater

Warmist 25 water heaters can store up to twenty-five litres of water that is the need of most Indian houses in the winters. The twenty-five litres of electric geyser is ideal for the bathrooms. The geyser again comes with glass-lined tank technology and seven years of tank guarantee.


Factors to Consider While Purchasing Geysers:


Glassline tank coating

The outline of the tank is made-up of the glass which protects the tank from corrosion, especially under hard water conditions. The glass line also reduces the amount of scale formation, which eventually results in the long life of the geysers.

Two-level Auto thermal cut

The two-level auto thermal cut function ensures safety. The two-level thermal cut implies that - if the temperature reaches 72 degrees, the geyser water heater will auto-cut itself. Due to some reasons, if the first cut won’t happen, then the geyser will ensure the thermal cut at 95 degrees again. This feature ensures the added safety to one of the best geyser water heaters for the winters.

The power cut off indicators will help you get the information about the water in the heater. The temperature control knob of the water heater enables you to regulate the temperature according to your preferences.

Five-star rating

The Warmist series of water heaters comes with a five-star rating. The five-star rating ensures minimum electricity consumption while heating the water. The auto cut feature then contributes to reducing the unnecessary heating of the water than a specific temperature.

Warranty services

Maharaja Whiteline provides seven years of warranty of the tank. While three years of warranty is available on the heating element.The magnesium anode rod helps in increasing the durability of the product by safeguarding the tank from electro corrosion and hence increases the lifespan of the product.

The magnesium in the rod increases the lifespan of the product by safeguarding the tank from electro corrosion. The sturdy rustproof ABS body of the geyser water heater adds style to your bathrooms. You will get two years of warranty on the product as well.

Safety wall feature

The safety valves in the geyser water heaters discharge the standard amount of water automatically. This feature ensures safety under high-pressure conditions. The primary purpose of the safety valveis the protection of life, property and environment.

Why choose Maharaja Whiteline?

  • Maharaja Whiteline is one of the most trusted brands in the Indian market. Whether it is the kitchen appliances, or the electrical appliances required in day to day routine. It has established itself as one of the trusted standards brands in the market. The quality of any product provided by Maharaja Whiteline is up to the mark and ensures all standard safety issues.
  • The seven years of warranty of the product deepens the trust of the customer even more. Maharaja Whiteline offers free installation services, which saves your money and gives you professional assistance at the same time.

You can buy a water heater online from the official website. Buying a water heater online not only saves you from additional charges of travelling but helps you stay away from human transmittable diseases.

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