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Things to Note While Selecting a Room Heater

By Maharaja Whiteline on 6 December, 2021 blog-banner.jpg

The winters are getting unbearable year after year. Especially in the northern regions of India, room heaters are becoming a necessity. There are vastly unique ways and methods people prefer to keep themselves warm in the chilly weather. Yet, an exceptional room heater can benefit the needy in plentiful ways. 

Blankets, excessive clothes, thermal equipment, comforters don’t give out long-lasting results. Though the major reason why people opt out to buy heater online is due to the various heating misconceptions that revolve around the same.

A handful of such myths are as follows:

  • Room heaters consume a lot of energy.
  • Room heaters are expensive.
  • The glares produced by room heaters are unhealthy.
  • Space heaters are unsafe to use.
  • It is inconvenient to use heaters.

Well, these are just some of the top-rated myths that somewhere overrules the profound benefits entailed to it.

Today, let us examine the commendable benefits by debunking the myths regarding the best room heater online one by one. 

Apart from the well-known and readily available information like make, manufacturer, and warranty. It is necessary to unfold the aspects that one needs to note while buying the space heater that helps us trace the efficiency and merit of an electronic device.

The type of space heater is one of the important factors to look for. The Carbon room heater is a wise choice to go for during such a perplexing situation. Are you wondering why Carbon heaters?

The features that contribute to commendable benefits by acquiring the Carbon heaters are as follows:

  • Thermostat Control

    Convenient usage methods are one of the most vital factors to consider. And being privileged to control the heating levels is one of the thoughts of convenience as well.
    You can choose to control the temperature of the best room heater online with the 3 heat settings available in our carbon model.
    • 3 Level Heat Setting
      We, at Maharaja Whiteline, give the privilege to the customers to use the heating temperature as per their requirement in our Carbon room heater.
      You can control the temperature at the following ranges: 400 W, 800 W, and 1200 W. Now, experience the warmth by reducing or increasing to the lowest or highest heating temperature the way you dictate it.
  • Evenly Distribution Of The Heat

    It is usually noted that the greater the heating capacity the superior heating you receive. For instance, if you are looking for a heater that can heat a 120 sq. ft area, 1200 W Carbon Heater will work effectively.
    The best room heater online under the Carbon model ensures full coverage of heating in various aspects. Though the major aspect concerned is the even distribution of the heat to every corner of the room. The 180o smooth rotation works in favour of you. This is one of the exclusive essential elements to consider while planning to buy heater online.
    • 180O Rotation
      The 180o smooth oscillation feature in our Carbon heater model makes it easy to dissipate the heat that covers the wider space of the room concerned. Another benefit is that it warms the room instantly.
  • Healthy Heating

    Safety is a factor that cannot be overlooked when it comes to the electric heater. The need to have fully functioning equipment that has numerous safety aspects is mandatory.
    We, at Maharaja Whiteline, understand the concern of the people and have engraved and installed several safety features to protect you and your family from unfortunate events.
    • Low Glare
      The low glare technology found in our electric heater makes it a comfortable heating experience. Even at the intense and full potential of the model, it leaves your eyes harmlessly.
      With our Carbon room heater, you can acquire the ambience of warmth and care with this low glare radiation that guarantees no discomfort to the eyes. It is a merit as to the choice for a family with kids and senior citizens as well.
    • Shock Proof Body
      The high-grade shock proof body material helps to protect you and your loved ones (including kids and senior citizens) from electric shocks.
    • Tip-Over Switch 
      This is an added safety element in our Nano Carbon Room Heater that automatically turns off the heater in case it falls, topples, tilts, not placed properly on a flat surface to prevent your loved ones from any injury.
      This feature prevents fire and shock effectively in the Lava Carbon Room Heater as well.
  • Heating Efficiency

    In comparison to conventional heaters, the carbon rod technology is an advantage to own. Carbon heaters are efficient with heating technology due to such exceptional elements.
    • Superior Carbon Rod Technology
      We, at Maharaja Whiteline, facilitate healthy heating in the frontline with the effective means of this modern technology.
  • Expense

    The exclusively designed Carbon electric heater is an affordable piece of equipment online. The pocket-friendly nature of this model has brought it to one of the most favoured heaters online.
    The Carbon rod room heater is energy efficient as well as cost-effective at the same time.
  • Noiseless Technology

    Who likes to buy heater online that make unnecessary noises? We, at Maharaja Whiteline, understand your requirement. Today, with various latest technology in-built with our services, noiseless technology stands prominent.
    The Carbon rod room heater is one of the well-structured models that is designed to its job silently. The higher your demands, the better innovative ideas we bring forth for you to avail of.
  • Size And Portability

    Our heaters are available in two types. Namely, Nano Carbon Room Heater and Lava Carbon Room Heater. Both of them are acquirable as per your preference at reasonable rates.
    The Nano Carbon Room Heater, as the name suggests, is capable of heating smaller spaces. Such as bathrooms, small store rooms, and so on.
    While on the other hand, the Lava Carbon Room Heater model beholds the capacity to heat larger spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, and so on. It is as per your requirement, that you can choose the model.
    Both of these models are portable at any given space due to the easy to carry specification it includes. Nano Carbon lacks the handle yet it fulfils the requirement with ease.
    Experience the warmth and pleasure this winter with the best Carbon rod room heater online.

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