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Infiny Mix Pro Hand Blender

Enable yourself to be the all-rounder in cooking. With the Maharaja Whiteline Infinity Mix Pro, make it happen effortlessly.

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  • 175 Watt
  • 800ML Multipurpose Jar

  • 100% Easy to Clean
  • Extra Long Stainless Steel Shaft
Colour: Red & White
  • Colour: White & Red
  • Detachable XL Size Metallic Foot
  • 800ml Beaker

With Infinity Mix Pro hand blender, bring convenience as well as intelligence to your kitchen. Geared up with 175 watt capacity, xl size SS shaft, and a range of other features, this product lets you process the ingredients in many ways and allows you to make assorted recipes in a jiffy. It helps you cook a melange of items that can totally delight the ones around you.

  • 175 Watt

    The 175-watt motor delivers exceptional power and durability as well. It helps you blend, whip, chop and whisk with great efficiency and becomes a stellar addition to your kitchen.

  • 100% Easy & Clean

    The detachable blades and shaft make the cleaning very easy for you. It helps in maintaining the efficacy of the machine and keeps its performance intact for a very long time.

  • Ergonomic Handle

    The handle has been designed to give ease along with a good grip. It ensures that you can effortlessly hold on to the blender while carrying out different tasks in your cooking.

  • Easy Storage

    With the built-in hook on the top of the blender, you can hang it anywhere in the kitchen. Else, you can detach disassemble the appliance and keep it anywhere you want.

  • Multifunctional Blades

    You get 3 different types of blades that help you do the chopping, blending, beating, whipping, and whisking. They make your kitchen more efficient and prepares you to make comprehensive recipes.

  • Detachable XL Size SS Shaft

    The detachable stainless steel shaft enhances the sturdiness as well as the level of convenience in this appliance. Not only it brings ease into storage, but it also makes the blender long-lasting.

  • 2 Years Warranty

    With 2 years warranty, you get an assurance of quality that you can back upon. Though the product is built to be impeccable, if there’s any discrepancy, you can it get addressed.

  • 800ML Multipurpose Jar

    The 800ml multipurpose jar lets you blend, whisk, chop, and beat any sort of item. It is a helpful accessory that makes the usage of the blender easier. It is also be used to store liquids or other ingredients.

Power 175 W
Foot material Metal
Detachable foot Yes
Speed setting No
Number of blades 3 Changeable Blades
Blades material Stainless Steel Blades
Whisking blade Yes
Whipping blade Yes
Chopping blade Yes
Blending Blade Yes
Chrome button No
Detachable blade Yes
Hanging loop No
Wall mount No
Chopper accessory -
Beaker accessory 800 ml Multipurpose Jar
Other accessory NA
Food Grade Safe NA
ISI Certified Yes
Warranty - Motor
Warranty - Product
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