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Superion 18DX Induction Cooktop

Engineered to perfection for a flameless & convenient cooking experience.

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  • 1800 watt Powerful
  • 5 Pre-set Indian Menus

  • Durable 7 blade fan for quick heat dissipation
  • Pan Sensor Technology
Colour: Black
  • Easy to Clean Flat Surface
  • Faster Cooking
  • No Flame
  • 1 Year Warranty

Let the worries of the day melt away as you participate in an effortless cooking process through an high performance 1800W powerful installed in our proud creation, Superion 18DX Induction Stove.

  • 5 Pre-set Indian Menus:

    Superion 18DX Induction Stove is installed with 5 pre-set Indian menus to reduce the manual labour involved in the process of cooking.

  • 1800 Watt Powerful:

    A 1800 watt powerful is established in this induction stove to ensure the easement, high & durable performance.

  • Automatic Voltage Regulator:

    The product addresses the safety question with an automatic voltage regulator equipped in to the design engineered with precision.

  • Pan Sensor Technology:

    To make it an energy efficient cooking option, we have installed a pan sensor technology that saves you power & electricity while cooking.

  • Convenient Controls:

    Convenience is the whole idea behind this product, which is why, we have designed it with several control options to enhance your cooking experience.

  • Easy To Clean Surface:

    Batting away all your concerns over the cleaning process, this product comes with an easy to clean surface which makes for an effortless maintenance.

  • Flameless Operation:

    It is resourced with high quality material & clever engineering to support a pleasant & flameless operation.

  • Durable Fan To Rapidly Dissipate Heat:

    Sensibly designed to ensure convenience & safety, this product comes with a durable 7-blade fan which rapidly dissipates heat.

Wattage 1800
Top Material Glass
Pre Set Menus 5
Type of Button Push Button
Easy to Clean Yes
Pan Sensor Technology Yes
Body Dimension (Length*Width*Height)cm 32.5*10.8*41
Warranty 1 year
Fan for heat dissipation 7 Blade Fan
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