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Superion 14DX Induction Cooktop

Endure a soulful cooking experience with smartly engineered Superion 14DX Induction Stove.

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  • 1400 watt Powerful
  • 7 Pre-set Indian Menus

  • Durable 7 blade fan for quick heat dissipation
  • Pan Sensor Technology
Colour: Black
  • Easy to Clean Flat Surface
  • Faster Cooking
  • No Flame
  • 1 Year Warranty

Superion 14DX Induction Stove is designed to accompany intense convenience for a rather pleasant cooking experience. It does so through precision in functionality & ergonomic construct.

  • 7 Pre-set Indian Menus:

    One of the major advantages that induction stove holds over traditional cooktop is the pre-set menus. Maharaja Whiteline Superion 14DX comes with 7 pre-set Indian menus that helps reduce the manual labour while cooking.

  • 1400 Watt Powerful:

    It is equipped with a 1400 Watt that supports a easement in functionality. It delivers high performance with durability through a powerful.

  • Automatic Voltage Regulator:

    The precision in engineering of this product can be witnessed through various virtues, like an automatic voltage regulator that takes care of your safety.

  • Pan Sensor Technology:

    Superion 14DX Induction Stove is equipped with a Pan Sensor Technology which saves you both power & electricity, thus making it an energy efficient cooking option.

  • Convenient Controls:

    Maharaja Whiteline’s Induction Stoves are accumulated with multiple control buttons that make the process of cooking more convenient for you.

  • Easy To Clean Surface:

    The product induces more convenience through easy to maintain structure. It comes with a top surface which is very easy to clean.

  • Flameless Operation :

    Induction stoves are in general considered a safe option over the traditional stove because of the lack of fire involved in the process.

  • Durable Fan To Rapidly Dissipate Heat:

    This Induction Stove comes with a durable 7 blade fan integrated in the design that rapidly helps in dissipating the heat.

Wattage 1400
Top Material Glass
Pre Set Menus 7
Type of Button Push Button
Easy to Clean Yes
Pan Sensor Technology Yes
Body Dimension (Length*Width*Height)cm 32.5*9.8*38.5
Warranty 1 year
Fan for heat dissipation 7 Blade Fan
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