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Smart Chef 100 Happiness Food Processor

Build a beautiful bond with the art of cooking with The Maharaja Whiteline Smart Chef 100 Happiness Food Processor.

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  • 600-Wattage High Motor
  • Innovative Easy Lock System

  • 30 Minutes Continuous Grinding
  • Food Grade Safe
Colour: Red & White
  • Colour: Red & White
  • Power: 600 Watt
  • Easy Jar Locking
  • 12 In 1 Attachment:

The Maharaja Whiteline Smart Chef 100 Happiness Food Processor facilitates an efficient & fine chopping, grinding, grating, slicing, kneading, and shredding experience. The appliance comes furnished with a powerful motor designed to service multi-purpose operations accompanied by stainless steel jars, ergonomic handles, and polished accessories for versatile tasks.

*Considering 2 minutes of resting time after every 5 minutes operation at standard condition.
**Under standard conditions
  • 600 Wattage Pure Copper Motor

    The Smart Chef 100 Happiness flaunts a strong mechanism driven by a 600-Wattage pure copper motor. The system is powered to provide a stable yet robust operation to deliver a seamless multi-purpose food-processing experience.

  • Easy Jar Locking

    To ensure safe and sturdy performance, the food processor is furnished with an easy jar locking system. This extra layer of protection enhances the performance with a steady grip allowing for easy and convenient operation.

  • 2 Litre Large Capacity Processing Bowl

    The Maharaja Smart Chef 100 Happiness comes with a large capacity processing bowl that features an ergonomic handle for easy mounting & dismounting, and for pouring food ingredients directly.

  • 4. 12 In 1 Attachment

    This food processor is furnished with 12 attachments. These compromise finely honed accessories including chopping blades, jars, kneading blades, and disc holders. The appliance serves as a resourceful all-around food systemware.

  • Unique Jar Flow Breakers

    The Food Processor is optimized for a synchronized performance fitted with unique jar flow breakers facilitating a uniform movement of the ingredients within the jar. The feature ensures reduced chunks and delivers better grinding performance.

  • Chopping, Shredding, Slicing Accessories

    The kitchenware boasts a fine chopping, slicing, and shredding operation sourced with components finely honed for a seamless operation targeting the stated versatile set of functions.

  • Whipping & Kneading Attachments

    Savor fluffy, light, and delicious cakes and pastries to make for an expert baking experience with whipping and kneading functions facilitated by the Maharaja smart chef 100 happiness food processor.

  • Blending & Juicing

    The food processor flaunts a smooth juicing experience with ease. The appliance offers an extensive extraction system for scrumptious smoothies to be relished for a delightful experience.

  • Grinding & Chutney Making

    Facilitated with a 1L dry and wet grinding jar and the 0.3L chutney-making jar, the Smart Chef 100 Happiness also delivers a smooth and versatile grinding & mixing performance.

  • Food Grade Safe

    Quality makes for a pleasant experience. At Maharaja, delivering a delightful time takes precedence. Therefore, the Maharaja Whiteline Smart Chef 100 Happiness Food Processor attests to food-grade safety measures, building a healthy & reliable relationship with the kitchenware.

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