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Frisco Chopper Chopper

Chopping your ingredients to the right degree

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  • 800ml Large Bowl
  • 250W Powerful Working

  • Easy Push Button Use
  • 2 Years Product Warranty
Colour: White & Cherry Red
  • Colour: White & Cherry Red
  • Power: 250W
  • Easy Push Button Use
  • Product Warranty: 2 Years

Bringing convenience and value to your kitchen hassles, the Maharaja Whiteline Frisco Electric Chopper eases your chopping tasks. It is powered by a 250-watt motor and works efficiently on a single push button. The smooth functioning allows for effective chopping of your contents in no time.

  • 250-Watt Powerful Functioning:

    Equipped with a powerful 250-watt motor, the Maharaja Whiteline Frisco Chopper works wondrously. It chops all your ingredients to your desired degree in a matter of no time.

  • Slim Ergonomic Design:

    The Maharaja Whiteline Frisco Electric Chopper is a stylish addition to your kitchen collection that enhances your chopping experience. It has a slim & ergonomic design that makes utility and cleaning easy altogether.

  • Transparent Bowl For Better Visibility:

    The Frisco Electric Chopper makes chopping easier by including a transparent bowl that makes it easier to see the contents and determine whether they are finely chopped to your specifications.

  • SS Chopping Blade:

    The chopper has a stainless steel chopping blade to speed up the chopping process. It guarantees that all of your ingredients are prepared for optimal chopping.

  • Whisking Blade:

    The Frisco Electric Chopper can chop tough ingredients and whisk the smoothest ones into a fine blend. It has a whisking blade that you can use to achieve the desired consistency.

  • 800 ml Large Bowl:

    Use Frisco Chopper to chop everything you require. It has an 800 ml clear bowl that can hold a sizable amount of your ingredients at once.

  • Easy Push Button:

    You can feel comfortable and convenient using the chopper. It operates with a single push button and provides wonderful results quickly.

  • 2 years warranty:

    With 2 years warranty, you get an assurance of quality that you can back upon. Though the product is built to be impeccable, if there’s any discrepancy, you can it get addressed.

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